Arcum Tents

Arcum Tents for Sale in Zimbabwe

A modern style of Arcum Tents for Sale in Zimbabwe. Instead of centre poles and ropes, these tents are supported by an aluminium skeleton around the edge. Some features of Arcum Tents:-

  • • Clear span: no central pole, which means clear space inside the marquee and an unobstructed view for speeches.
  • • Installation on any surface: including hard surfaces like sand, gravel, and concrete. This is because frame marquees can be secured to the ground with weights instead of pegs (though pegs are used where possible and are advisable in severe winds).
  • • Installation anywhere: well… almost anywhere. No guy ropes means frame marquees can fit in small town gardens, on roof terraces, in courtyards etc as they can make the maximum use of space.
  • • Winter stability: framed marquees withstand higher wind speeds and snow loadings so they are a practical option in winter.
  • • Safety: made from flame-retardant PVC manufactured to the latest international standards.
  • • Flexible use of space: can be joined together to cover large areas or fit L-shaped gardens.
  • • Easily divided up: frame marquees divided into sections for different parts of an event.
  • Arcum Tents Manufacturers in Zimbabwe

    Our company aims is only to satisfy customer by providing high end quality tents and tent accessories which meets the international standard worldwide. The customise tents made by our experienced staff are very unique and strong which is one of the recognition of our company Zimbabwe Tents. All of our operations are conducted strictly in accordance with International Standard, Thereby ensuring that the output of defective products is minimized, while client satisfaction is maximized. Zimbabwe Tents are the leading Arcum Tents Manufacturers in Zimbabwe. We keep on creating more limitless elegant tent structure for our clients from all over the world then, now and forever.